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Recorded & mixed & mastered by Neill McCartney at Pretty Circus Studios, Belfast.


released February 16, 2012

Rory Dee - Vocals, Guitars, Drums.
Pearse McClelland - Vocals, Bass.

>All tracks written and performed by Chocolate Love Factory.
© Rodee-Opus Recordings 2012.

Samples in track 1: Bill Hicks Positive LSD Story (Relentless),
Bjork 'Hunter' (Album: Homogenic).

>Thanks - Neill for taking the time out to record us and making it sound great! Decky for advice and everything you've done for us over the past while. Leckey for letting us use your amp and pedals and letting us stroke his hair. Chappy for the inspiration. Nuala for a place to stay, food and everything else! Friends and family for their continued support. All the bands around us who continue to inspire us. Bill Hicks. And YOU for listening.

>Get in touch!

David Roy, Irish News:
"Opening track Octavia is a thumping power grunge howler...
Scarlett Blues finds them coming down in more reflective form, with woozy bluesy psyche rock stomp that channels latter day Queens of the Stone Age, Comets on Fire (in their less frenzied moments), Crystal Antlers and er, the Eagles. Life In The Fast Lane and all that...
...final number Herbal Sham is a progtastic spin-out offering soaring, cooing vocals, chiming guitars and hypnotic bass, plus a fast-paced tangential rock-out that leads into the belated arrival of a catchy chorus around the four minute mark.
As you can probably tell Chocolate Love Factory don't just offer three-and-a-half chords, distortion and a lot of shouting (unlike some of my other favourite bands). They're into creating moods as well as moshing, so if you like your riffs served with a shimmering side of weird, add them to your playlist post haste."

Brian Coney, AU Magazine:
"Despite releasing a couple of first-rate EPs over the last couple of years, Octavia marks a definite musical progression and a tangible statement of intent from Belfast-based three-piece Chocolate Love Factory. Whether you look to the low-end groove of ‘Scarlett Blues’, the rampant throwdown that is ‘Ticks’ or the riff-ravaged highlight that is ‘Octavia’, frontman Rory Dee’s furious vocals take centre-stage time and again, each scream an ear-splitting reminder of this band’s hardened force. Disregarding what you might make of their name, these five tracks reveal Chocolate Love Factory to be one of this small country’s best in riff-fuelled rock."



all rights reserved


Chocolate Love Factory Belfast

A prog-punk fuzznk four piece.
Music to be enjoyed with green from the Emerald Isle.

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Track Name: Octavia
We are one single consciousness.
There's no need for fear or hate.
Track Name: Scarlett Blues
When I look into your scarlett eyes. I see the future. Who knows what I'm seeing. Only God.

Could it be that I'm dreaming? That I'm awake?
Could it be I am dreaming? That I'm awake?

When I look into your scarlett eyes. They seem to suit you. Who knows what I'm thinking. Only a God knows.

Could it be that I'm dreaming? That I'm awake?
Could it be I am dreaming? That I'm awake?

And I'm home.
Track Name: Ticks
Save me
Show me the way
As my brain
Slowly decays

I wanted so much more than this
I wanted everything on my list
But I get drunk and now I've missed my chance at happiness

I don't make sense so I'll regress
And admit that I was wrong
But you're getting good at this
With all those little mind tricks
All those little ticks

Make me
I dare you to try
Touch me
And you'll fucking die

I could've been so much more than this
A first class cynic and a pessimist
But I sit at home and write my list
Of all the people that I don't like

I don't make sense so I'll regress (I'll regress)
And admit that I was wrong (But I'm never wrong)
We're gonna do this
We're gonna do this

Who's side are you on?
Decide who's side you're on
Track Name: Herbal Sham
Still just a glimpse and I'm filled with electricity.
A mumbling idiot, numbness controls me.
What the fuck is wrong with me?
I just don't understand it.
I can't even control my own body against her.
Jesus, help me.
It's a herbal sham.
Because I used to love you.
And I didn't get over.
And it still haunts me.
And then you bought, shampoo off me.
Maybe you just didn't wanna know.
Anonymous inamorata.
Maybe my mind just assumed all along.
Which bring us again to the crucial point.
That I didn't know you.
I never knew you really.
And most of what I think I know about you is fiction.
And I don't love you anyway.
If I didn't know who you were then I didn't know what love is.
And I don't love you anyway.
That's what I'll tell myself anyway.