Coral Lady

by Chocolate Love Factory

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by the wonderful Clark Phillips. With some help from James Bruce.

Drums recorded in the kitchen of 47 Camden St. Flat 1.
Guitars, bass & vocals recorded in Clarks house.
Recorded between 5th-12th April 2011.


released June 15, 2011
Written in the most naturally evolved way by Chocolate Love Factory.

John Quinn - Drums
Rory Dee - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Whispers
James Bruce, J Ryan McCormick, Steven Butler - Whispers

Thanks - Chris Steenson for helping us move the drums and being a true CLF roadie with his T-shirt on. Sallyballs, OC, Bene & Sean for kindly letting us make rock noise in their kitchen. Clark for making it sound amazing and being so easy to work with. Tree for all his help and chuckles. All our friends and family for their continued support.

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David Roy, Irish News said:
"The trio's current single Coral Lady is a thick creamy slice of prog grunge with a crumbly desert rock crust. If it were alive, it would be a big wailing, marauding beast of a thing that you'd have to shoot with an elephant gun to put down.

Laced with widdy-widdly guitars, cooing backing vocals and a 'majestic' middle-eastern rock vibe that's somewhere between Kashmir and Innuendo by Queen, Coral Lady underlines that fact that Chocolate Love Factory make one hell of an Earth-shaking racket for a three-piece."

********************* said:
"Steeped in dark, desert grooves, there are times during ‘Coral Lady’ where the young Belfast trio could have easily sprung out of the Rancho De La Luna heartland.

Wasting no time in capitalising on the underground success of March’s ‘Rat Bag/Texty Texty’ single, this lengthy, loose-limbed assault, combines the explosive, out-of-nowhere art-punk of the Mars Volta with the soaring highs of Songs For The Deaf. Yummy."

********************* said:
"The band with quite easly the most repugnant name we have ever heard are back a with brand new single. Chocolate Love Factory in one way or another have been on the local radar for a while, and maybe haven’t been given the attention they deserve, but disregard them at your peril.

With forthcoming effort Coral Lady, they undoubtedly prove they have the chops to match the most ‘heaviosis’ young blood on the Northern Irish music scene.

The track, instantly reminiscent of early Queens of the Stone Age, pulls back the trigger and erupts, introducing itself with an art-metal, King Crimson inspired guitar riff. As Coral Lady unwinds, the three piece show they have all but the seriousness of the metal genre, and more of the trance like riffs of Fatso Jetson in their stride.

Front man Rory Dee displays a vocal prowess more than your average singer, however it is his blended Cobain and Homme brogue that spill character all over his phrasing. Fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Masters of Reality and Nirvana will surely appreciate this track, and whilst there is still room for improvement with a more refined concise attack needed, these raw and unhinged, desert rockers are as refreshing as a wet-wipe in a portaloo."



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Chocolate Love Factory Belfast

A prog-punk fuzznk four piece.
Music to be enjoyed with green from the Emerald Isle.

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